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We are an Executive Coaching and Performance Organization that focuses on collaborative partnerships to create thriving, high performance work environments. Measurable, tangible results are the cornerstone of our success and we will not cut corners or step over anything to get you there.

Founder and Owner, Shyanne Smith,  is an Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer, acclaimed speaker and published author. She is an individual totally dedicated to helping others to succeed and to maximize on what they bring to the table. Born and raised in South Africa, she chose Colorado as home after extensive international travel and work experiences. With a strong background in Human Development and Organizational Psychology, she has worked both abroad and in the U.S., partnering with scores of clients to better themselves personally and professionally. She is the Trusted Advisor to many top corporate decision-makers, coaching and advising them on Talent Management, Corporate Strategy and the Psychology of Performance, to name just a few.
As a speaker, Shyanne is in high demand to talk about topics such as Leading with Strengths, Creating High-Trust Teams, Executive Branding and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace. Shyanne’s coaching and training skills are continually honed and fine-tuned through strong affiliations with professional coaching organizations such as the Anthony Robbins Companies, The Marcus Buckingham Company, as well as Franklin Covey and John Maxwell. Working directly with the clients of these organizations, she coaches and challenges them to achieve new heights in their careers and lives. Her focus is on creating strong, collaborative partnerships for thriving, high performance  environments. In today’s world, performance is key and to this end, she works directly and personally  with both individuals and teams to enhance their overall effectiveness. With a maniacal bias for execution, Shyanne, a.k.a the velvet hammer, is able to encourage action and progress, even with the most resistant and “stuck” clients. Dubbed the proverbial “canary in the coalmine” by many of the executives she works with, she is able to use forethought and deliberate design, to anticipate the potential obstacles and challenges that lay ahead in the corporate landscape, and to help develop effective strategies to overcome them. A high energy and enthusiastic individual, Shyanne is a forward thinker who loves life, enjoys motivating individuals, and turning ideas into tangible results. She is pleased to offer a rewarding and exciting experience through her executive coaching, speaking, and seminars.

I became a coach because I had become very weary of watching folks repeat the same behaviors over and over again, expecting a different result each time.  I knew I had something special to offer that could help them to break this cycle and to truly step up and manifest the outcomes they were after.  I believe in the potential of each and every one of us.

~Shyanne in a recent interview with Merritt Publishing Chairman, David Whitmore.

EFT/tapping expert With over 10 years of experience as a master coach, Leanna excels in helping clients lower stress and anxiety.  One of the powerful tools she uses is tapping or EFT which is proven to lower stress hormones in the body. When you are ready to find calm in the chaos of your life Leanna will help you get there.  Visit her website. You can contact Leanna at
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