Executive Coaching

Executives at all levels hire me to assist them in increasing what they bring to the table and deepening their impact within their organizations.  If YOU are not in charge of the contribution you want to make, then WHO is?  During our 45 minute laser-focused sessions, YOU and your progress are the sole focus of your coaching sessions. I serve as the conduit between you and your goals, by maximizing the tools, resources and creativity we have at our disposal. Your sessions are 100% results-driven and are designed to encourage and challenge you to step up and achieve what you have been talking about for so long.

Consistent measuring and assessment of approaches and results are a big part of the coaching relationship, as well as a high level of accountability and clear expectations.  You do not hire me to be your friend or your confidante – you hire me to be your Coach, and as such, I will hold you to a higher standard, call things as I see them and expect nothing but your best. In turn, I will offer you the same.

Your focused, one-on-one,”YOU-centered” telecoaching sessions last about 45 minutes and can be conducted from the comfort of your home or office, regardless of your geographic location. All you need is a telephone or accessibility to Skype, and the desire and commitment to move towards what you want.

In addition, coaching also includes:

  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Impromptu check-in calls
  • On-line resources and support
  • Monthly updates, relevant to your goals and your industry

To learn more about coaching, visit our About Coaching page.  You can also contact us regarding fees and availability.