Keynote Speaking & Presentations

Coach2Clarity and its founder, Shyanne Smith, perform dynamic presentations that energize, engage, and address key issues important to you and your organization or group.


The Facilitator that you choose for your conference, retreat, or event is vital in setting the tone from the beginning and keeping the audience fully engaged, regardless of the content. When you book a speaker from Coach2Clarity, you’re guaranteed more than a presentation. Our strategy skills and energetic approach will get your audience buzzing and breathing life into your event. We present on subjects that are relevant & tailored to your organization. You can also choose from the list below:

Leading with Strengths

Addresses how a team can function when it discovers its core strengths and learns how to leverage them, as well as mitigate their weaknesses.

Outstanding Manager

This program teaches managers how to capitalize on the strengths of their team members, offering tools that feature effective techniques for hiring the best talent, clarifying their roles, keeping them engaged, and accelerating their performance.

Stand Out

Discusses the impact of strength roles on your work and how it affects the productivity of both you and your team. Participants walk away with a comprehensive action list in order to create an immediate impact anywhere by engaging their top 2 Strength Roles first.

Trust as a Performance Multiplier in the Workplace

This program takes you through a process of identifying and closing the trust gaps that exist in your organization. Instead of paying outrageous “Trust Taxes,” your organization can begin to realize “Trust Dividends.” Learn strategic ways to quantify trust and how to leverage it as a real performance accelerator for your team.

Managing an Over-Extended Team

Learn from an experienced leadership expert on how to avoid the deal-breaking moment when your top talent declares, “no more doing more with less.” Come away with practical strategies and tactics to support your team in a world of ever-increasing expectations.
Please let us know what you are looking for and we will do the rest!